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Casey Johnson death December 29 2009

Casey Johnson (September 24, 1979 – January 4, 2010) was an American socialite. She was also one of the great-great-granddaughters of Robert Wood Johnson I, co-founder of Johnson & Johnson.

On December 29, 2009, 1:12 a.m., Johnson left a message on Twitter saying “sweet dreams everyone… I’m getting a new car…” According to the Daily News, exactly one week later, on January 4, 2010, a maid found Johnson’s body in the bedroom of her West Hollywood home, and that “it was days before anybody noticed she was gone.”

However, published reports of the 911 call revealed that Johnson actually died in a friend’s guesthouse in Los Angeles. The unidentified caller reported that Johnson was ice cold, and her hands were turning blue. The caller also stated Johnson was on medications, and that they often get “all screwed up.”

The cause of death is yet to be determined (pending coroner’s toxicology report), however authorities reported “no evidence of foul play”

Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson


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