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La sirène de la mer – Best sea food in Montreal

Have you noticed how hard it is to find a decent sea food restaurant in Montreal? Well let me tell you that La Sirène is among our most favorite restaurants in Montreal for sea food. There are two locations in Montreal. I like the one on Jean-Talon. Although some might find the restaurant expensive, I have to tell you that the food is exceptionnaly good. The service is very fast and staff is more than friendly. The mezza is very good (Taboule, Houmous, cheese sticks, raw kebbe, fries etc..). For the fish, you can go to the small market at the back of the restaurant and pick the fish you like. The fish is very fresh and I suggest you ask the man behind the counter for his suggestions.. you can`t go wrong 🙂
The decor of the restaurant is fantastic as well. If you drink alcohol, don’t forget to have a bottle of Arak 🙂

1805 Rue Sauve Ouest, Montreal, QC H4N 3B8? – (514) 332-2255?
114 avenue Dresden, Mont-Royal, QC H3P 2B6? – (514) 345-0345

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