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Magicjack beeping fix – How to

Magicjack beeping fix

If you have a magicjack, you probably had the following problem: When talking to someone who is using a magicjack, you will hear a “BEEP” once in a while. The beep is similar to the tone that a phone makes when you press a number. The magicjack user does not hear the beep. Only the person on the other end of the call hears that annoying beep and it cuts off the conversation several times in a minute. Magicjack beeping fix

I have finally found the fix to this annoying problem. Follow the following steps:

1) login to your account at
2) Skip the promotions. Once in your account, click on “My Magicjack Settings”
3) UNCHECK PIN Not Recognized: Bank accounts, extensions, and PIN codes are not recognized when entered on telephone and save !

Good luck ! This method worked for me. Your comments are welcomed 🙂

Magicjack beeping fix

6 Responses to Magicjack beeping fix – How to

  1. amanda

    I thought it was me and my phones – I wish it was actually but obviously this problem is worse then just on my my end! (Although I hear it on my end and nobody has mentioned to me that they hear it – I think they do.) Anyhow- I just went into my settings to try this and I already have the box unchecked. Is this fix still working for you? Please keep me posted- I am desperate! I am starting a small business all web and phone based- I need to fix this issue!

  2. Ramy M.

    Hi Amanda,

    Try to uncheck them, restart your magicjack, check them again, restart your magicjack again.
    Hope this helps fix your problem.

  3. Anton

    The problem is due to DTMF sensitivity being too high. Open a chat and ask service rep to lower the DTMF sensitivity. You will then have to reset and problem should go away. Basically the equipment is sensing certain voice patterns as the signal that is sent when a person touches the keypad on the phone.

  4. Audrey Brown

    Stoping beeping

  5. Audrey Brown

    My phone keep on beeping when I call some one .they hear it I dont. Please can you. Fix it. Thank you

  6. ken

    ANTON ,thanks for the help it worked.It still cost me 75.00 because magicjack told me it was my server problem. The tech guy they sent out google the problem and found this page so I called magicjack and told them how to fix the problem which they should hav known about in the first place!!Anyway THANK YOU ANTON

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